Latest Available Technology Today

Latest Available Technology Today

We heard a lot of things during our discussion with clients related to new trends in contact center industry. Some of them need those trends to be implemented due to efficiency or ambition to win the competition. But for us, we must be ready to address all request and even we must be prepared as their trusted advisor on those topics discussion.

What are the trends?

Gamification, Social Media, Analytics, Big Data, Hyper Customization, Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotics Process Automation), Chatbots, super agents and Crack down hold times are the most interested topics.

How do we respond to those new demands?

we have Chatbot, Dynamic IVR, Virtual Agent and Kiosks. For Automation, we have RPA and Speech Analytics. 

The future of the contact center is reflected by customer preferences, Customer Experience and Customer effort will dictate the operations of contact center in the future. With digital mediums becoming the preferred channer of communication, contact centers of the future would look a lot different from today. 

The transformation of contact center will have profound impact on the future of agents. Transformation of Call Center to Contact Center equipped with high skill human resources (super/universal agents), advanced technology and analytics capabilities. Super agents need advanced skill-sets to handle complex transactions across multiple channel. Advanced technology and analytics enable the super agents in enhancing the customer experience.

What will be the key drives for future Contact Centre?

Evolution of the contact center will be measured by People, Process, Channel, Governance, Metrics, Approach analytics.  In the future, for people, instead of common agent, Clients more prefer to have universal agents to be more adaptive on business fluid. In terms of process, it will be dynamic and adaptive coordinated. It is no longer linear static and cumbersome. If we were talking about governance, it will be on value co-creation rather than value extraction. For approach, it will be proactive and collaborative. No more reactive and controlling. 

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