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Your platform to connect passion in customer experience to the real business result.

We are the company moved by passion. Everyday we transform our passion into real business. We provide platform to our service partners to deliver their outstanding customer experiences. We help our clients to improve engagement with their customers. We measure the achievement based on added value delivered to the customers such as operational excellence, process automation, artificial intelligence, chat-bot and talented agents.

We learned from global best practice for customer experience journey. We deeply understand the need our service partners, and we satisfy our clients in the area of Business Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Data Protection & Security. We are the good fit partner to Startup companies which need unpredictable spike/traffic in. We are also the best partner for Enterprise Companies which need to have Lean Operations and Experienced Agents to serve their customers.

Mission : To leverage people in serving customers towards a better life.
Vision : No one gets left behind, everyone contributes for business growth through customer experience journey.
Value : | Professionalism | Achievement | Teamwork | Elated | Namaste |

Agents/CSR will work based on their preferences of time/place and readiness. Happy people perform better.
Businesses will only spend their budget/cost to the people and services that work.
It brings highly responsive supply and demand. Within just a minute, opportunities will pop up to the agents. Clients will know the respond to their projects.

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Start with a small short-term contract period to win the business competition or manage bigger team in a long-term period to maintain best customer experience

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To earn more and more money with your passion in Customer Service. Try it now.


Assign only agents to serve your Customers


Assign the FTE agents, including Trainer, QA, RTM and Contact Center Manager


Fully outsource your Contact Center to NuConnected


Lease the CRM license based on demand
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We unleash people potential and passion to be more productive and meaningful to life.

We support our clients with global experiences in customer journey to be more efficient, lean, straight forward business and winning the competition.

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We give you the latest technology available today, we provide the best available passionate people to support our client's customer experience. Everyday we measure our matrix just to ensure happy people perform better, happy business creates more business.


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